Successful Grants Library

About the Successful Grants Library

If you are applying to SSHRC, it will be helpful to view a successful application. Established and emerging researchers can benefit from exemplars. 

The Grant Assist Program is grateful to the many University of Alberta researchers who have given permission for colleagues to view their successful applications. Please be respectful of the documents by using them to guide your SSHRC grant development, but refrain from duplicating and distributing. 

Many exemplars of successful grants are archived as pdf documents, in the University of Alberta's Education and Research Archive (ERA). In some cases, faculty members have given permission for colleagues to contact them and/or your research Facilitator to discuss access to their proposals. In these cases, click on the researcher's name or the line to the RSO for contact information.

How to Access Successful Grants in the ERA:

Proposals that are available for viewing are linked to the Education & Research Archive (ERA), and are restricted to university members. You will be prompted to provide your CCID and password to access them. 

The Library currently houses examples of the following grants: